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数々のロックバンドでベーシスト、ブレーンとしての役割を担い、作家としてLiSAや西野カナ等への楽曲提供や、デザイナーとしても活躍する猫田ヒデヲが、ヴォーカリストとして不定期に活動してきたソロプロジェクト「QUADRANGLE」に、正式メンバーとして元ART-SCHOOLリズム隊で、LiSA、JUNNA、フルカワユタカ、Poet-type.M等のサポートでも活躍するベースの宇野剛史と、LiSA、土岐麻子、内田真礼、tacica、Schroeder-Headz等のサポートでも活躍するドラム鈴木浩之、 そして感情直結型のテクニカルなギタリスト、オマーの3人が加わり、2016年バンドとして始動。

QUADRANGLE first started as a personal project of Hideo Nekota, but kept it silent for a while. Hideo has been successfully playing various roles in his career, from designer to bassist and leader for numerous rock bands, music composer for LiSA, Nishino Kana and others, and vocalist for Quadrangle. In 2016 three musicians joined Hideo and Quadrangle: the passionate electric guitarist Omar; the drummer Hiroyuki Suzuki, previously a member of the ART-SCHOOL Rhythm Group, and a drummer for artists such as LiSA, Toki Asako, Uchida Maaya, tacica, Schroeder-Heads, among others; and finally, Uno Takeshi, who was also a member of ART-SCHOOL Rhythm Group, and has been a supporting bassist for LiSA, JUNNA, Furukawa Yukata, Poet-Type.M and others. QUADRANGLE’s first single, REASON TRIANGLE became the opening theme song for the TV anime Joker Game, produced by Production I.G.(original novel by: Yanagi Koji, Director: Kazuya Nomura). The anime started TV broadcast in April 2016. QUADRANGLE was also selected for producing the opening song for the anime RErideD, which will start broadcasting in October 2018.